Decaf Colombian Coffee

$ 14.50


This pure Colombian dark roast coffee has been carefully processed to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. This is done with our European method.

What is the European process and how can you remove the caffeine from a coffee bean?

The "European Method" is also known as the Indirect Solvent-Based Decaffeination Process, and it's a way to boil out the caffeine from green (raw) coffee beans. The beans are soaked in a liquid that helps bond to the caffeine, which combined with heat, helps to essentially boil off the chemically-bonded caffeine solution. After being heated to remove the caffeine, the beans are then soaked in their original liquid to reabsorb all of the delicious flavor compounds and natural oils. 

This process is one of many coffee decaffeination methods that help to remove caffeine from the beans while still keeping the delicious coffee notes and smooth flavors that coffee-lovers know.